‘Sparkleshark’ by Philip Ridley, Performed by GCSE Drama Students. Production Photos by Jonny Treharne, Y12.



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Year 13: 6DR03 Exploration of Dramatic Performance


Student Review of ‘War Horse’ at Bristol Hippodrome on Monday 26th January


‘War Horse’ was a great trip. It was filled with excitement mixed with emotion and sadness.

There were many tears across the theatre but also a lot of laughter.

‘War Horse’ made you spechless from the start until the end, not only were the actors great but the puppets were extraordinary. The story was told brilliantly by the theatre production. It inspired many to take on drama for a GCSE and history: truly an unforgetful experience.

With many thanks to Ms. Cummins for arranging the trip and for securing us tickets for such an experience.

By Emma Wood and Georgialaice Matthews in M9

Rehearsal Images from ‘The Ice Queen’


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Students from Key Stage 3 and 5 received a rapturous response to their sold-out performances of ‘The Ice Queen’. This collaborative approach was confidently led by Sam Langley from Year 13, who used prior learning to mentor students across the age span whilst simultaneously learning to adapt and direct a stage production for her Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). Peers generated outstanding and nuanced musical theatre performances, whilst others began early EPQ investigations into the design potential of stage media including: costume design/ manufacture; mask-work; shadow puppetry; hair and make-up. The purpose of an EPQ is to provide an early bridge between the content and learning of conventional A Level courses and the rigorous modes and approaches of undergraduate study. As such, it can form an excellent point of discussion during the increasingly-competitive university application process; in addition to boosting self-confidence in research and referencing methodologies and furthering interpersonal skills.

As Sam commented, ‘Over the past few weeks we have been constantly rehearsing for our project… Every lunch-time performers have been practicing the famous songs from a recent box-office hit… The set has many handmade features, including snowflakes, but the creativity didn’t stop there: handmade costumes have been created especially for the performance. Although the adaptation from screen to stage has been difficult, it has been really fun to see the change over the past few weeks and a great start to the festive period.’

With special thanks to the ICT and Site teams, and Mrs. Wheeler, for helping the drama team to realise this event.